Dačický House – interactive exhibition about Kutná Hora and UNESCO

Dačický House, located on a sloping square in sight of the Stone Fountain, is a unique exhibit in itself. At its core is a pre-Hussite house, which was generously reconstructed after 1500 for the Utraquist bishop Filip de Villanuova, and was the birthplace of the chronicler Mikuláš Dačický of Heslov in the mid-16th century. The visitor can view the house from the cellar all the way up to the attic. It houses an interactive exhibition, the first of its kind in the Czech Republic, with a presentation of UNESCO and the monuments in the Czech Republic inscribed on the UNESCO list. Above all, the visitor will find out why Kutná Hora is part of the family of the most important monuments in the world! 

The introduction familiarises the visitor with UNESCO and the global context of the exhibition. The tour of the house continues in the Portal Hall, named after a collection of Gothic portals. One of these portals take the visitor to the Bishop’s Chapel, once one of the most important spaces of the house. Here the visitor will have the oportunity to see an exhibition devoted to the people who inhabited the house, but above all the story of the unique Gothic tile discovered in this space. The tour of the ground floor then continues in the passageway with a documentary photography exhibition titled Dačický House and its Renovation. The house’s glass courtyard atrium and basements will give the visitor an opportunity to enjoy a bit of action as part of a hands-on exhibition! The IQ Park has a touch table, an animated film, and videomapping on a model of the Cathedral of St Barbara, as well as building blocks and other gaming elements for children. From here we will enter the basements. The first basement level contains an extremely popular interactive floor projection, along which we pass to get to the second basement level, containing a 3D projection titled UNESCO Monuments in the Czech Republic. The house‘s most hidden nook conceals a surprise for children: a talking mining gnome … The first floor is devoted to seasonal seasonal exhibitions and cultural and educational activities. The conference hall offers state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment for holding seminars, conferences as well as concerts, and seats up to 60 people. The other premises on this floor hold annual seasonal exhibits from various areas of UNESCO monuments and architectural anniversaries in Kutná Hora. The visitor can access this floor via two flights of stairs or by using a comfortable elevator. The attic is a completely modern space designed for holding lectures. The lecture hall seats 25 people and offers the full range of audiovisual equipment. The hall with the elevator contains presentation space for the project’s partners, namely The Kutná Hora Foundation–UNESCO Monument (the guarantor of the exhibition and the centre’s operator) and the University of Pardubice. Lecture programmes for schools are held in the Children’s Studio. We look forward to your visit! 

Opening hours and entrance fee for the Dačický House

Partially wheelchair-accessible premises, wheelchair-accessible toilets available, discounted entry fee for visitors with disability. 

Dačického dům - Vzdělávací a prezentační centrum kulturního dědictví UNESCO
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